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I come across lots of website while surfin' the net, and get lots of cool ideas... and then a week later I am searching through my bookmarks and history trying to find that one site... Well, I figured I'd fix all that by posting the links here whenever I come across something relevant to my wedding plans.

• The Austin Knotties home page.
Free marriage class to get the discount on marriage license.
• Local calligrapher.
• Order free travel guides for out of town guests!
• Idea: set up a photo download station for guests to share their digital camera pics before they leave!
• Guestbook alternative: try a wish tree!
• Idea: have a postcard at each place setting and instructions to write a note (and sign their name so it can be the "guestbook") and "mail" it by placing it in a cool decorated mailbox.
• Love these cupcake pops. Not sure if I will do anything with them though... I'm no baker.
Sculpt those arms! You're wearing a sleeveless dress and the paparazzi is showing up!
• Another great (free) workout: One Hundred Pushups.
Eagle Creek Compression Sacs might help you pack everything for your honeymoon in the carry-on!
• If we do decide to serve alcohol, this would be a nice signature cocktail.
• Check out this cool Wine and Liquor Calculator. Very helpful when trying to figure out how much alcohol to buy!
• The White Isle has some nice jewelry.
DIY Book Ring Box. Neat!
DIY Ribbon Tree. Maybe for the kissing tree/wish tree?
Dress up the sweets!
• Make ceremony programs that double as mix cd favors! (Very cool, and looks inexpensive enough!)
Trattoria Lisina is a restaurant in Driftwood other than the Salt Lick! Both are options to consider for the rehearsal dinner though... or Austin Pizza Garden (mmmm... pizza).
• Some good photography advice: How to (really) choose a (really good) photographer; Collaborating with your photographer 101; 102; 103

This has inspired me to do something for David on October 2nd (the one year mark from when he proposed). Shhh! Don't tell him! I want it to be a total surprise, and I still have to figure out what to do. :)